What to expect when you join us on a Sunday morning.

First of all, you can wear what you like, smart, casual, ethnic or eccentric, we don’t mind at all. We all try to kick things off at 10:30 with one or two songs led by our contemporary band.

Shortly after that we have a short talk aimed at our children, after which they will head off to their own space in the building for Bible-teaching tailor-made for their age group (see our page on our introduction to Children’s Church). We try to ensure that all ages, young and old, encounter the same teaching theme each Sunday. We love families to have a conversation after Church on what they’ve got up to and learnt.

Everyone aged 15 and upwards remains in the main hall for a 25 to 30 minute time of Bible-based teaching followed by a time of prayer, reflection and worship.

Children rejoin the meeting just before 12pm and we wrap up our service with a final song and a blessing.

Just to mention, we do take up an offering but it’s not an obligation for our visitors. Most of our members make regular contributions through direct debit.

After the service everyone is welcome to mingle with a lovely cup of tea or coffee.

We celebrate communion on the third Sunday of the month and on the fourth Sunday we have an all-age worship service where everyone stays together for a shorter 60 minute service.